What to Look For When Choosing a Scaffolding Company

There are a surprising number of factors to consider when choosing a scaffolding company to assist in your construction project. No two companies are exactly alike, and this means that while you could end up with a cost effective and high quality contractor, it is possible to have to endure low quality work.

Always consider safety first, and this means ensuring that the company you do use has the appropriate training, is experienced in the type of construct that you require, and that they have suitable insurance to cover injury to you or other people, or damage to yours or third party property. Finally, consider your budget, because it shouldn’t be necessary to have to pay over the odds just to enjoy these benefits.

Construction Type

There are a surprisingly large number of different types of scaffolding construction, and while some are considered basic constructions and therefore require less regulatory work be completed, others are much more complex and will require more complex work.

If you’re in any doubt as to the most appropriate and most beneficial type of construction, speak to the scaffolding company yourself. If you are using a construction company or other service provider that will be using the scaffolding, they should have the appropriate training to work at height, and they will be able to confirm with the scaffolding company exactly which type of structure to use.


Safety should always come first when erecting and using scaffolding. Regulations exist concerning many of the elements of building and using scaffolding, and this is especially important if your construct has unusual design features. Basic structures, and those that are built according to manufacturers’ guidelines will not usually require special permits. They should not require additional inspection, but those that are longer, taller, or built on unusual ground may require that a professional scaffolder complete risk assessment and other guidelines.


Any scaffolding company should have adequate and appropriate training. Those that are registered or licensed with scaffolding bodies in the UK must have this training, otherwise they are not permitted to trade as part of that group. Always ensure that you are dealing with a company or individual that has been trained in the proper use of scaffolding.


It is a legal requirement in the UK that any company with employees has employers’ liability insurance. As the person responsible for employing the scaffolding, it is your responsibility to ensure that the company in question has appropriate insurance, Public liability insurance is also a legal requirement, and this ensures that if any damage is done to property or people are injured as a result of the scaffolding company’s work, they are insured to cover the damage.


For standard scaffolding construction, the requirements for installation are not overly difficult. However, uneven terrain, obstructed access, and other factors can make the completion of a scaffolding construction more difficult. In these cases, experience will count for a lot, and it will be required in order to ensure that the company is able to complete the relevant risk assessments and other required documents. Without these documents, it will not be possible for your construction company to complete the construction that you want.


In an ideal world, budget would not play a part when choosing any service provider. We would all be able to pick the company that offers the best service, regardless of the amount that they charge. However, budget is important, and you should ensure that you are not paying over the odds. If you are using a construction company and they have included scaffolding in the price, then it is there responsibility to make sure this falls within budget.

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